Zanzibar Coffee House

I have been asked by friends to share my favorite places in Zanzibar and therefore I decided to start posting a series of travel guide tips to share the must visit places in Zanzibar or at least what I think is worth visiting from my own experience

My favorite coffee shop in Stone Town is “Zanzibar Coffee House”. The aroma and taste of the coffee will take you to Caffeine fairyland. The staff is extra sweet and friendly, the place in general is very cute.

Located at the heart of Stone Town, Zanzibar Coffee House is a boutique hotel and a coffee shop in the ground floor. The cafe is very popular spot for tourists and locals due to it convenient location.

I recommend picking the big table by the door to enjoy the street view.

That table is facing a very old door which reminded me of my old grandparents house door in Muharraq.

I kept going to the Coffee House almost everyday when I was in Stone Town (yes its that good!). My favorite coffee order was spice coffee it is just perfection. I tried asking them for their secret mix of spices but then I gave up I know it wont taste the same if I made it. You can really feel the staff’s love of coffee in that place and I’m not exaggerating!

Their cakes were also fresh and delicious. I also bought packed blended coffee to bring it home.


If you appreciate a good cup of coffee or love its aroma then you would love this place.


Zanzibar Coffee House website