When RIM "Blacked-out" the world!

NO BBM !! 

3 days we had to suffer without blackberry service, No email, No BBM, No twitter & No Facebook! Did we really suffer ?! 

Is our lives really that empty and depressing that we can’t live it without this little gadget?!

I have done so many things on my to do list during the BB blackout simply because I had no distraction .. No suffering here! 

Do we really ‘need’ to be connected 24 hours to social media ?

It is strange that during the blackout people had to use other ways to communicate with others like SMS or god forbids phone calling?!

It is very sad that we sometimes can’t remember the last time we spoke to our friends on the phone but we have all the chat logs on bbm ! We have them in our lists but are we really connected?

Twitter is very ‘very’ addictive it is taking over our lives really it is !  I love twitter but do I really need to be connected all day long and do I have to answer all mentions immediately?! Will it make a difference if I reply right now or after 3 hours when I’m sitting back relaxing !

Today I decided to delete twitter app from my blackberry to give myself a little breathing space and focus on other things in my hectic life. I will use my iPad or browser to tweet at my own free time, I really hope I can maintain this. 

Lets see how it goes!

Speak soon!