I love VSCOcam app in my iPhone and VSCO film presets at lightroom. It is my favourite iOS photography app I use religiously and just love it. Since I started using VSCO I really think that my iPhone photography has changed. I now consider myself an artist than photographer. Don’t get me wrong I still believe in composition and exposure and all that stuff but I care less about sharpness and perfect composition (actually I started hating extra sharp images). Everyone can get a sharp photo and it can easily be replicated (I think!). Artists are unique they almost never produce the same work twice.

VSCO Grid℠ is a publishing platform for original content, a commonwealth of artists united in their love for photography. It belongs to “us” – the creatives, the dreamers, the fighters and those that see beauty in the boring. With the commitment of the creative community, VSCO Grid has grown into the finest living collection of original photography.

Also check out VSCO curated grid their selection is really inspiring. My photos have been featured at VSCO curated grid a number of times.

I didn’t mean to ramble, here is my VSCO grid