Uptown Gourmet (Brunch review)

Another weekend and another brunch. This time we took a bit of a risk. We went to a place that we had no idea how the food will turn out. We found the account over instagram and we thought it looks interesting an underrated gem maybe.

I was the first to reach. I was worried that I’ll get lost (as usual) so I left home early and headed to Uptown Gourment. It is located just off exhibition road opposite to the famous Chetaura store.


To my surprise I was the only one there. I waited for my friends to arrive. The place looks new, clean and big.

We ordered the usual Bahraini breakfast tray which had dishes like balaleet, foul and baked beans. It was good not wow though. We also ordered some eggs with tomato and coriander sauce. We absolutely loved the eggs it was cooked to perfection.

Saffron tea to end the meal

Very reasonable prices


The verdict

Location: Easy to find if you know the area

Menu: Variety of Bahraini and international dishes

Atmosphere: It was empty and quiet the whole time we were there!

Food Quality: Very Good

Food Presentation: Good

Portion Size: Very good

Favorite order: Eggs with coriander sauce

Least Favorite order:  Nothing

Value for money: Excellent

Service: Excellent

Will I go there again: I would go just for those eggs


Uptown Gourmet Instagram Account @uptowngourmet

My instagram @Rshrsho