Today I’m proud to be a photographer!

I have been waiting for this day for god knows how long! Today my photos are on a wall and exhibit to the public my art and passion.
On the exhibition
The urban landscape of Muharraq, along with other areas of Bahrain, is changing dramatically. Ranging from large scale land reclamations paving the way for major developments to smaller historical restoration projects attempting to preserve the cultural heritage of the place, there can be no question that Muharraq is undergoing an unprecedented transformation.
I’m participating in Documenting Muharraq – A photographic exploration of Muharraq at the turn of the 21st century. It is the outcome of a two month long photography workshop organized by the Shaikh Ebrahim Center and was conducted by Camille Zakharia to a small group of 10 photographers from Bahrain and the region.
These past two months were an interesting journey throughout the alleyways and small backdoors of urban Muharraq. Today I see the outcome of these two months represented in three of my photos on the exhibition and a large portfolio of photos online!
The above photo was taken during the preparation of the exhibition last week. Hoping today to see a full house!