Things I want for Christmas! Part 1

Since almost everyone is having a wish list for Christmas I though I’ll do the same with my favorite wish list items maybe Santa will drop by Bahrain for the National Holidays and put some presents on our rooftop since we don’t have a chimney!

I loved this digital camera for its high perforamnce and retro look! Its good for light tranvellers and everyday use if you can’t carry the DSLR everyday

Lensbaby Ultimate Portrait Kit

For those who are not familiar with the lensbaby it is a fun and great creative tool to add some effects on your photos

this is some examples of photos taken by a lensbaby

Lensbaby  Single Glass Optic  | 0.6X Wide Angle  | Craig Strong

Lensbaby  Fisheye Optic   | Jerrid Jones

There are many effects which differ from each lensbaby accessory .. I want them all !!


This cute mini camera looks so cool for the days you’re feeling goofy and want to do fun stuff! I like the pictures this little camera is producing vintage/retro and hip look!


The Sanho HyperDrive ColorSpace UDMA 120 GB Photo Backup Storage & Viewer has 40MB/s backup speed and backup and verify at 2GB/min speed. It has incremental backup support, backup only new data on card, skip previously saved data.

I need this to rest my mind on my photos not to be lost during my trips. Backup is essential you don’t want any of your memory cards get lost * My biggest nightmare! *

5- Limited Edition Polaroid SX-70

The original Polaroid SX-70 Sonar camera lovingly restored to perfect working condition!!

A true camera legend.