The return

I’m back from an unforgettable journey through India where I spent 2 weeks spread between Srinagar Kashmir, Ajmer Rajasthan and Delhi. I took part of The Travel Photographer Sufi Saints expedition workshop we concentrated on visiting Sufi shrines of most respectful Sufi Saints in India. It was a different experience visiting shrines and meeting Sufi worshipers from Delhi to Srinagar to Ajmer. Not only the climate is different between these three places but also the people and the way they express their beliefs is different. Even though Kashmir was cold (specially coming from warm Bahrain) but the people were so nice and hospitable that we all felt uneasy leaving this little piece of paradise. Spending a week in hot and dry Rajasthan (Yes 45 degrees is even hot to me!) was physically tough. We saw very little (almost no) tourists in the areas we visited to shoot and that by itself is an accomplishment.

This photo was taken at Ajmer Sharif Urs in Ajmer Rajasthan.