Speedlite bootcamp with the Strobist

It was a very exciting week for photographers in Dubai and the GCC and the whole world! GulfPhotoPlus has done it again they managed to bring the very best and most famous photographers for a week packed with interesting seminars and workshops.

Due to my work schedule I managed to take 2 workshops one of them was was professional flasher David Hobby aka the Strobist. I took the second workshop with legendary photographer David Burnett.

The Strobist workshop was conducted over 2 days and it was really fun and educational experience specially for someone who rarely use flash like myself. I was really happy with the result of the assignment Hobby gave us at the last day and was really proud of myself! I also have to thank my classmates Celine and Alex who were really helpful specially Alex who had to hold the Speedlite all the way from the stairways pointing it at my lovely model Celine.


The photo was taken at the Knowledge Village Dubai using one Flash.


P.S notice Burj Al Arab had to be in my photo!

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