I visited Shaikh Ebrahim Centre many times but this is the first time I go purely to explore the place’s details and visit the surronding houses other than just passing by them!
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 BTW the center does many cultural events so make sure to check their website for upcoming events or pass by them to pick the events schedule !

Make sure to explore the interactive book and watch the videos
The interactive book is genius !
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The Office
The Library
Sh. Ebrahim center from outside
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On 12 January, 2002 the Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Center for Culture and Research opened its doors once again as a forum for debate and exchange on current cultural, social and political issues.

Built on the land of the original majlis of Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, the current building is a modern reconstruction.

Since 2002, more than 200 artists, speakers, philosophers and poets have visited the Shaikh Ebrahim Center to share their art and thoughts in this venue dedicated to the open exchange of ideas and knowledge.  To accommodate an ever larger audience, a new auditorium opened in December 2008, with a seating capacity of around 300.


Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa was born in the middle of the 19th century, the son of Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, the fourth ruler of Bahrain.  He was the sixteenth of eighteen sons.  He was nineteen when his father, Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa was exiled to India in 1869.  The battle in which his uncle was killed and his father exiled seemed to have affected him most and colored his future writing and poetry with melancholy.  These events marked the young man and, unlike the paths chosen by his father and uncle, led him to avoid the field of politics.  He immersed himself in the pursuit of knowledge and found solace in poetry.

His first educational tour was to Makkah sometime during the 1870s, where he studied under a number of distinguished Shaikhs.  Of this experience, the Bahraini historian Mohammed Ali Al Tajer wrote in his bookMuntathum Al Bareen – Al Hilab at Bahrain that Shaikh Ebrahim “ … possessed good intellect, was well versed in language, literature and history as well as being aware of the intellectual movements of the time.”

The vigorous pursuit of knowledge was Shaikh Ebrahim’s primary aim in life.  This was made apparent by his extensive correspondence with Arab and other foreign capitals where he sought to buy and subscribe to books and periodicals.  These periodicals formed the contents of his private library at his forum in Muharraq.  The forum was a meeting place for pioneers of education and culture in Bahrain and was visited by men of learning from the Gulf, Syria and North Africa.  The famous Arab traveler and writer Amin Al Rihani Mohammed wrote of Shaikh Ebrahim in his celebrated work Arab Kings: “Shaikh Ebrahim is inclined more towards literature than politics.  He is the leader (Shaikh) of intellectuals and poets in Bahrain and amongst the best of its men.  He was educated in Hijaz under a number of distinguished tutors.  Shaikh Mohammed seeks to improve the education system in Bahrain and is the second chairman of his school council.”

Charles Belgrave, the British advisor to the Government of Bahrain, writes of Shaikh Ebrahim in his memoirs on 20 July, 1929:  “He is a wonderfully well educated old man and seemed to be well up in a variety of subjects: balloons, the name of Alexander the Great’s horse and various different things that one would not expect an Arab to know about, as well as English politics.”

Shaikh Ebrahim died on 14 June, 1933.  The Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Center for Culture and Research is established in his name at the same location of his old forum in Muharraq.


  • Library of the Shaikh Ebrahim Center, housing a collection of books on literature, poetry, history, philosophy and the social sciences.  These books will eventually be transferred and fully indexed at the SEARCH Research library, a future project of the Shaikh Ebrahim Center located next to the center in Muharraq.Original documents and paraphernalia belonging to Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa
  • The Shaikh Ebrahim Center displays Shaikh Ebrahim’s Holy Quran, his shotgun, visiting cards and copies of his correspondence and that of his contemporaries.
  • Interactive digital book
    Titled The Future Comes From Far the digital interactive book explores the history and culture of Bahrain through the restored traditional houses of the Shaikh Ebrahim Center.  Sponsored by Ithmaar Development Company, the digital book was designed by architects Agence Moatti et Riviere, Paris, France and film directors Anne Jaffrennon & Marie Cuisset of OneTwo, Paris, France.


Saturday – Thursday

8 AM – 1 PM
4 PM – 7 PM
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