Santani Wellness Resort a real jewel in Kandy SriLanka

For few days I escaped from my busy life in Bahrain and went to absolute tranquility paradise. I wanted to detox mentally and physically so I started searching for a quick escape destination and I decided to go to Kandy in Sri Lanka. The moment I found Santani Wellness Resort’s page online I knew this was the perfect place for me and I was right!

Perfect outdoors area 

4:00 am I arrived to Colombo airport and a car arranged by the resort picked me up and started the 3 hour journey to Kandy. It was a good time to miss the traffic. Roads were empty except of stray dogs. (The journey back to Colombo took almost 6 hours so yes traffic is that bad).

I managed to close my eyes during the road trip as it was still dark. I opened my eyes to the most magnificent sunrise with mountains and greenery from all directions.

Santani Wellness Resort

Santani Rooms

Finally I reached Santani Wellness Resort and I was welcomed and taken to my room in a cute tuktuk. When I entered the room and opened the balcony door I couldn’t believe the magnificent scenery. My heart was beating so fast!

Room view
Rooms at Santani

Santani Kitchen

For three days my lungs only breathed high quality oxygen (is there such thing?!). Similarly my eyes were washed with natural beauty and my heart-felt at peace. Next it was time to indulge in what makes Santani so special. It was the kitchen. Food was presented like an Art work.


The colors and fragrance were so inviting. I ate everything that was served to me. Everything was made with so much attention to details.

Tropical fruits to start the day
My favorite dish for breakfast was Eggs hopper

In fact by the time I finished my meal I was actually looking forward to the next meal. Dinners were extra special and it was the perfect ending to the day.

The restaurant
Tailor made dining experience


In Santani the universe wakes you up. Fog is the first to rise then the sun comes up and its rays escape to your bed to gently wakes you with echo of chanting from nearby temples.

Rooms at Santani wellness resort
The rooms at the resort
No distractions

While I was at the resort I tried few activities. I enjoyed a relaxing Ayurvedic treatment in a private room open to the forest. I also did a personal yoga session and enjoyed a nature walk to a nearby river.

Nature walk

My experience at Santani have been incredible and I can’t wait to go back soon!

Relaxing at the lounge area



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