This year I was blessed to visit many new places. Started the year in Abudhabi was mesmerised by the beauty of Sheikh Zayed mosque and had my first real desert encounter ! travelled to my second home Dubai for a number of times (lost count lol). In May I travelled to Jordan in hope of crossing the boarder to Palestine which didn’t happen but I enjoyed Amman made new friends and catched up with old friends  Came back from Amman recharged my camera batteries and took the plane to India! Started in New Delhi spent couple of days then we were off to Srinagar Kashmir I fell inlove with Kashmir from first sight of Dal Lake  from there we went back to Delhi and took the train to Rajasthan it was a totally different experience and saw a new face of magnificent India. Went back to Bahrain spent a couple of months and then took off for my next adventure this time in Europe. Started my journey in Barcelona Spain I spent 4 days doing what I like most ie street photography. Then I took the train to Aix Provence France and then took the bus to a tiny village called Manosque where we spent 5 days chasing lavender fields all over the south of France  left Manosque to Nice for a night and then I’m back here just in time for the holy month. My journey hasn’t ended I’m just taking a break for couple of months  highlights of 2013 trips are the lavender fields and Dal Lake Kashmir I left a piece my heart in these magical places and I will go back.

To be continued..