Prague is there a more picturesque city?

Visiting Prague was like stepping into a children’s storybook. Colorful buildings, Art and music in every corner. It was very easy to fall under the charm of this city.


Prague view from the top
View from the top


It is the capital of Czech republic and the historical capital of Bohemia. Prague is not only the most photogenic city I have ever been, it is also the most enjoyable city to explore it on foot. I walked all over the city. I saw it from ground level and from the top, both were equally stunning.


Old town Prague
Historical Old town
Picture perfect streets Prague
Picture perfect streets
Bookstore in Prague

The old town (Staré Město) is always buzzing with life on weekends and weekdays (The city is always packed !).

Charles bridge Prague
Charles bridge


I have more beautiful photos and will be posting more from Prague soon.