Path of Pearls طريق اللؤلؤ

I attended musical production ‘Path of Pearls’  to celebrate Manama being named the capital of Arab culture.

“Renowned Egyptian musician Selim Sahab’s Arab Music Ensemble and the Bulgarian National Radio Orchestra were the highlights of the musical extravaganza, which weaved Bahrain’s cultural history with modern day life. Famous singer Hind was among the local artists taking part.” –  GDN

The show was held in an open stage near Bahrain National Museum, and it was probably the coldest day ever ! Despite the cold it was such a great show and excellent performance.

I leave you with some shots from the show.

© All Photos were taken using my iPhone 4s

The best part of the show is the hanging divers !

توب توب يابحر

It was such a beautiful night to celebrate Bahrain’s culture.

© All Photos were taken using my iPhone 4s