How I spent my only day in Hong Kong

I always loved using Hong Kong International airport as a transit hub whenever I travelled to Asia. Cathay Pacific is my favorite Asian airline. I did stop at Hong Kong a couple of times but I never actually left the airport area. However this time I decided to intentionally take a later flight in order to actually see Hong Kong. It was my real first time visit to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong taxi

From the airport I took the train to the city. I arrived at the main train station then I took the bus which stops exactly at the doorsteps of my hotel. Everything was so easy and convenient.


Ibis hotel Hong Kong
View from my room

I’m a loyal member to Accor chain of hotels. Their hotels are always my first choice if they fit my itinerary. At this trip I decided to stay at Ibis Hong Kong Central and Sheung Wan. I chose this Ibis mainly because of the location. I was only staying for one night so I just wanted a place to crash and see a bit of town. The location was really a nice surprise. My room was overlooking Victoria harbor. I really enjoyed seeing ferries pass by non stop just outside of my window.

Colorful trams

After a quick check-in. I went out to explore Hong Kong. I immediately noticed the colorful Tramways (Trams or Ding Ding). Ding Dings are the most fascinating way to explore the city. I hopped on one near the hotel and went towards the highest point in Hong Kong. Victoria peak or commonly known as The peak. To reach the top you must take the peak tram which was a memorable experience by itself. The peak tram has been running for more than 150 years and is considered one of the few remaining historical sites of Hong Kong. The ride was very steep but the views were breathtaking.

Once you reach the top you get to see a panoramic view of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong-26
A tourist at the peak
Hong Kong panoramic view
Panoramic view of Hong Kong from the top


Hong Kong the peak
The peak


Hong Kong the peak wishes
My handwritten lovey dovey message at the peak tower :)


Hong Kong the peak tourists
The peak is a popular tourists spot

After coming down from the peak I wanted to try another Hong Kong popular activity, Star Ferry. Up until the 1970s, the Star Ferry was the main method of transportation between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. It is a short 10-minute ride across the Victoria Harbor but offers amazing skyline views.


Hong Kong skyline
Hong Kong skyline from the Star Ferry

I found Hong Kong to be an interesting country. All the lines and organized traffic makes the city great for street photography. It is very cosmopolitan with a touch of Asian culture.

Red taxi
The famous red taxi
I was impressed by airline check-in counters at the city train station. I managed to check-in and send my suitcase. I continued my way to the airport on the train hand free without luggage which I thought was very liberating feeling so kudos for that.