Nordic trip – An unexpected detour

Nordic trip was arranged with a blink of an eye. It was strange this time that I was so undecided where to go for Eid holidays. I kept jumping from one plan to the other. Ironically Iceland was part of that initial plan but I wasn’t in the mood for a cold place so I chose an island destination. I wanted to be one with nature and get away from the world. Little that I knew that the universe had other plans for me. I still fulfilled my green craving but with a different weather conditions. Not Iceland though. 

Lapland Finland
Lapland Finland

After I finished planning my island getaway I got an invitation to visit a resort in Finland. At first I thought it must be a scam or some kind of a joke or mistake. 

I looked at the email and studied all the details. It checked all the boxes of being legitimate invitation. The email ID looked legit. The invitation came with introduction about the resort and it had a name with title,  signature and pictures !

I looked at the photos and I was in complete shock! This is real and I’m going to this place even if I had to hitchhike my way from the desert to Finland.

Thankfully I didn’t have to hitchhike and everything was sorted with a generous sponsorship from House of Travels who covered my plane tickets. I shelved my island trip for some other time.

Stockholm was a beautiful surprise

Once I shifted my plans to Scandinavia I tailor-made a whole trip to visit other Nordic countries. I might as well tick few countries while I’m there. I chose to start at Copenhagen then make my way to Stockholm and cross to Helsinki till I finally reach my final destination Lapland Finland.

Mr and Mrs Stockholm
Mr. and Mrs. Stockholm

The weeks and days and even hours before the trip were packed with work, deadlines, submissions and photo shoots. I just couldn’t wait till the plane takes off and I set my phone to airplane mode. To disconnect from the world, emails and notifications is all I wanted. Even if it was only for the flight duration.

A rare sunny and fine day in Copenhagen

Details of the trip will follow on separate blog posts.

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