Niqab at the Fish Market

It was a very hectic weekend for me as I went to Dubai AGAIN this month for photography. This time it was to attend Eric Kim StreetPhotography workshop. This was the first workshop Eric gives in the region besides Lebanon and its his first visit to Dubai. The workshop was awesome and Eric was really really helpful and gave honest and constructive feedback to each and every participant. I believe everyone produced powerful photos at the end of the workshop and we all critiqued each other which was really helpful. You can view the students work here.

I took this photo at Dubai Fish Market where I stumbled on this Emarati old lady wearing Niqab or as we call it in Bahrain “Batoola”. This traditional Niqab (worn mostly by old ladies) covers most of the nose and part of woman’s cheeks and it is popular in UAE, Bahrain and Qatar.