Review of Fujifilm x100s

Fujifilm x100s was on my wish list for many months. I wanted to give it a try during GPP event in March. FujiFilmME were lending the x100s during the event and everyone had it hanging over their necks. I didn’t have a chance to try it at GPP event because I had to fly back home so I requested to try it when it arrives to Bahrain.

Months later it arrived and Fujifilm agent have approved to lend it to me for a week. To make the story short it was love from first click.. Instant love.. The end!

I bought it after a week of testing (I already made my mind to buy it after reading many positive reviews specially from the famous strobist & Zack Aries


What I like

The body size is much smaller than DSLR. I can actually carry it in my purse or over my neck all day.

Body depth size

Fujifilm x100s: 3 cm

FullFrame DSLR: 6.9 cm

Thats a big difference in size and makes a huge plus for x100s specially for street and travel photographers.


Performance in low light is amazing

I read a lot about how good is the x100s sensor in low light so the first thing I did when I got the camera is to test it at night. I was amazed by the performance at ISO levels as low as 1600 without a tripod. The camera is so small you can fix it on a table or any solid surface. handheld shots at 2500 ISO and really unnoticeable grain.


Perfect Body Size for street photography

I used the x100s almost solely during my last trip to Barcelona. I felt very comfortable walking the streets without the fear of being noticed as a tourist or photographer (I was worried of being pick pocketed after many warnings from friends!). I took the metro, walked and went almost everywhere easily. At times I would put the camera inside my purse or if I was wearing it at the metro I would tuck inside my cloths and hide it with the scarf. I was extra careful but the point is you can’t easily hide a DSLR if you are travelling light.




You can walk all day everyday carrying it without feeling tired. Well you must train your legs not to feel tired too!



Be invisible and capture more emotions

Being quiet and invisible is the essence of street photography. I mean you can’t really take candid shots if people are aware of what you’re trying to do (that will result in fake smiles or the victory sign!). With the x100s you can take the metro, sit next to someone and take photos of the passengers without getting noticed. You can steal photos with DSLR but people will notice you the second you finger clicks the photo and lets face it not everyone is fond of street-photographers unfortunately.






Light it

I used the x100s with my awesome $70 speedlight Yongnuo 560II and it synched beautifully (I used cactus as wireless trigger). I will post my lighting adventures in another blog post soon.


My cute nephew



What I didn’t like 

The battery gets drained so fast its frustrating at times. I learned this after buying the camera then I quickly ordered extra batteries. Every time I go for a photowalk I have to carry a backup battery set.


Other than that I’m really happy with the x100s and the quality of the photos. The x100s actually makes me want to go out and shoot more! I don’t think I can travel anywhere without the x100s its my second favourite gadget after the iPhone.


Follow up review to be posted after travelling solo with Fujifilm X series.

You can check Fujifilm x100s and other Xseries cameras at Fujifilm stand in Virgin megastore Bahrain and SharafDG. The official Fujifilm retailer in Bahrain is Abu Issa Brothers Trading.