Oh baby lets Lensbaby!

For years I had Lensbaby sitting in my wish list. The reason it didn’t actually make it to the shopping cart because I was not sure if I needed it (Had other priorities!). I also had some concerns if it was practical and easy to handle. Though I’m a travel documentary photographer but I do take small photography “weekend” assignments from time to time to fund my trips. Lately I started doing more of family portraits and new born photography. One day during a baby photo-shoot I just couldn’t get the camera to focus on the close-up shot I had in mind. That moment I decided to actually buy the Lensbaby. Immediately I researched online prices then I started checking for offers at local stores. I found a good offer from Yaqoubi store in Seef Mall. The sales lady was good; she answered all of my questions. She also walked me through the whole process of installing the lens and playing with the different kit accessories. I wanted to buy the Lensbaby sweet 35 optic only but I ended up taking it with the whole accessories kit for a bargain!

Luckily I had some gorgeous roses to test the lens. I used VSCO presets for Lightroom to process the photos.

My new iPhone wallpaper

Expect to get some vignette on a full frame camera. I enhanced the vignette at this photo.

Double close-up lens

More Lensbaby experiments coming soon!