Lavender crush

I was in a land where all I saw, touched, smelled and even ate was lavender. I have a lavender crush which I don’t seem to be getting over any time soon and honestly I don’t want to overcome it.

I was chasing lavender fields with a group of photographers during Bryan Peterson’s Provence workshop. Bryan have been coming to Provence for more than 20 years so its safe to say that he knows the area pretty well.

It was a long way to reach our small boutique hotel in Manosque Provence. I was coming from Barcelona so I had to take the train from there and had to change trains in Figueres and one more time in Montpellier to arrive to Aix-en-Provence. Then I had to take a bus to arrive to Manosque and lastly took a taxi to the hotel. It was a long way but totally worth it, if I had to change anything I would probably would have preferred to rent a car and drive all the way to Manosque. Getting lost in heaven is a good thing.

I’m still in the process of selecting photos to include in my portfolio in the meantime enjoy this photo.