Inspiration: International Streetphotographer Eric Kim

I attended Eric Kim Street photography workshop in Dubai and I’m still buzzing with Eric Kim ridiculously happy vibe.

I think Eric is one of the best streetphotographers nowadays with his unique street photography style and interacting closely with his subjects. Besides his Leica, Eric shoots with any camera even a normal point and shoot with a pop up flash!

Even though Eric Kim is very young and  fits the stereotype of Asian tourist with a compact camera around his neck! Eric studies his subjects really well and takes advantage of the tourist look to approach his subjects closely and take his shots without being noticed as a photographer.

Being interested in both street photography and the approach, Eric says he started to experiment shooting street photography using his background knowledge studying sociology at UCLA. “I started experimenting getting very close when shooting, and surprisingly never got punched in the face for taking photos (yet).”

Through his blog and workshops, Eric travels the world and teach others the beauty of street photography and how people can overcome their fear of shooting strangers. “Teaching is my passion, and in the past I taught a photography class to under-privileged youth in Los Angeles, I taught a university-level online course at UC Riverside extension, and even a Sociology of Facebook and Online Social Networks while a student at UCLA.”

Eric is also a contributor to the Leica blog, he was one of the judges for the London Street Photography Contest 2011, and have done two collaborations with Samsung (he starred in a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 commercial and a campaign for the Samsung NX 20 camera). He was also been interviewed by the BBC about the ethics of street photography.

Eric have had some of his work exhibited in Los Angeles and at the Leica stores in Singapore, Seoul, and Melbourne. He also taught street photography workshops in Beirut, Seoul, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sydney, Melbourne, Zürich, London, Toronto, Mumbai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and most recently Dubai where I met him.

You can check more photos at Eric Kim blog