Guerrilla Lighting

Last year I decided to learn how to use artificial light. By the end of the year I wanted to play with more light not just any light.. it was guerrilla light!

From a complete n00b I learned the basic functions of using a flash off the camera with the one and only David Hobby. From there I was extremely happy that at least I knew how to operate a speedlite!

I wanted to take it further and learn other techniques manipulating light so I took a workshop with Louis Pang. It was the first time in my life dealing with models, being totally in charge of directing the model and setting up the lights. Confusion, lots of blank moments but a lot of fun.

I shot these photos last year and I also retouched them a bit also last year. My style has changed since then as it was just an experiment. I’m still experimenting with lights but now I know that I like. I’m more into subtle sweet light that almost look like ambient. Glamour photography isn’t made for me (At least that’s what I think at this moment!).

Love them or hate them here comes the guerrilla light experiments!

After the workshop I did more experiments with my friend Reem Tawfiqi at bab al Bahrain. She continues to be my favorite model of all time!