Review of GPP 2016 lineup

Taken during Ed Kashi's masterclass
From my series “Keep Space” taken during Ed Kashi’s master class – GPP 2015


GPP have just announced their lineup for the biggest photography event of the year “GPP 2016”. I’ve been to many GPP events so I thought of sharing my 2 cents to review 2016 lineup.

Bobby Brown, David Nightingale, David Alan Harvey and Joe McNally are some of the biggest names missing from the usual lineup.

Eric Kim’s Street photography workshops are always exciting. If you need some confidence with your street photography skills then this workshop is for you.

Taken during Eric Kim workshop
Dubai street photography series taken during Eric Kim workshop

Last year I took Ed Kashi’s masterclass. You can view my project “Keep Space” from the class here. I really enjoyed the experience a lot. Ed is a really good instructor and an amazing photographer with many inspiring stories from his assignments throughout the years. I highly recommend this class if you’re into Documentary photography or photojournalism. However I recommend you seriously think of a subject before taking the class. Find a story, do the research and establish your contacts. Chasing a subject was the most difficult part of the class and Dubai is not an ideal place for interesting topics to shoot.

The value from this masterclass comes from feedback. Ed and other classmates share their honest and sometimes brutal critique of each other’s stories. This class is all about pushing boundaries and working hard. One week is too short to develop an interesting story from scratch.

Steve Simon‘s “Finding your vision telling your story” workshop. I took Steve’s class two years ago. Steve is an amazing instructor and a really nice guy. The workshop is based on his book “The passionate photographer”. If you’re looking for inspiration then this class is for you.

Taken during Steve Simon's workshop
Taken during Steve Simon’s workshop GPP 2014

Lets talk about David Hobby. Beside being an amazing instructor and master of light. He is an inspiration and motivator. I attended David’s seminar couple of years ago. I still remember how revolutionary it was to me. “Entrepreneurship for photographers” seminar is the little pocket guide book for every emerging photo-preneur trying to make a name for themselves. I’m considering flying to Dubai just to attend this seminar.


Taken during David Hobby's Speedlight bootcamp
My first Speedlight adventures started at David Hobby’s Speedlight bootcamp


I didn’t get a chance to attend Zack Arias class but I really like his work. His one light style is great specially for photographers on a budget.

Other photographers I recommend are Tamara Lackey even though I never attended her classes in GPP but I did attend her virtual class at Kelby training and I really like her approach. If you’re into family and children photography then this class is for you.

One of the most unique photographers is the master of headshot the great Peter Hurley. He’s just amazing. I also watched his class online and benefited a lot.

I’m still not sure if my schedule would allow me to attend GPP2016. I would definitely try to attend even if it was just a seminar. I love GPP vibe and would love to catchup with many photographers from all over the world.

I really hope this helps you decide which workshop to choose! Full schedule of GPP 2016 is here