Goodbye InstaCanvas HELLO CanvasBHGoodbye InstaCanvas and Hello CanvasBH

Save the date April 30th will mark the official launch of CanvasBH Bahrain’s first online canvas printing service dedicated to Instagramers. I visited CanvasBH in Bahrain Business Incubators Center in Hidd with Reem Tawfeeqi (her blog) and we met by the founder of CanvasBH Mr. Yazin Al-Irhayim. Yazin wanted to give BahrainBloggers the exclusive tour before the official launch and before anyone else! We learned in details how CanvasBH operates, actually myself and Reem can start our own replica of CanvasBHBahrainBloggers after learning the secrets of CanvasBH! (Don’t worry Yaz we’re not geeks and I personally don’t have the patience to run such a business! )

What is CanvasBH?

It is a service that will allow Instagram users to order canvas prints of their Instagram photos and delivered to their doors within a week. It is not limited to instagramers according to Yazin there will be a section where people can upload their photos and get their canvas prints as well.

How does CanvasBH work?

Simply place an order through CanvasBH website (to be launched on 30th April). The site will require you to log in with your Instagram username and password and authorise CanvasBH to access your photos. Choose the photo you want to order (the only available size at the moment is 12*12). Make the Payment through the usual secure channels and wait for Aramex to deliver it to your doorsteps within one week!

Here is a demonstration of how it is done behind the scenes in CanvasBH.

1- CanvasBH receives the order from the customer (beep beep you’ve got mail!)


2- Resizing and Fixing the photo (Basic retouching to make sure the exposure and colours are picture perfect)


3- Printing on the very best archive Canvas papers guaranteed to last 100 years. After printing, it will rest for 24 hours

4- Laminating the print and leaving it to rest for another 24 hours


5- Tightening the frame. The frames are done locally by another business in Bahrain Business Incubators Center.

6- Packing and delivering!

Notice the brick wall? Its not real bricks its only printed brick illusion! I couldn’t believe it as it looked so real

I feel honoured and proud to be  Yazin’s inspiration to have this service in Bahrain (Thats what he said I’m not claiming to be an inspiration to anyone unless they said so!). I personally was ordering my Instagram Canvas prints through InstaCanvas and when I met Yazin last November I suggested that he offers a similar service since he was already managing an online printing service. Now nearly 6 months later we have the service locally and after seeing the hard work that Yazin puts into each print I really believe CanvasBH quality is better than any other similar service in the region. Also I love the fact that Yazin took my permission to test my Instagram photos I simply loved seeing so many Canvas prints of my babies!


p.s. Stay tuned for some great offers from CanvasBH on the occasion of their launch !

For more information you can visit CanvasBH website

Twitter @CanvasBH

Instagram @CanvasBH