Franky Joe’s new Seasonal Specials

#BahrainBloggers were invited to try the new Seasonal Specials menu items of Franky Joe’s hotdogs & subs located at Alosra Amwaj. New Seasonal Special dishes consist of one new item to almost every menu category to satisfy all tastes. What makes Franky joe’s hotdogs special is the freshness, quality, variety, customisation and uniqueness.



I’m a big fan of Franky Joe’s hotdogs and shamefully for the more than a year I have only tried their crispy crazy hotdogs. This invitation was perfect for me to try some of the other menu items besides hotdogs. Now I’m a big fan of their salads!

The new seasonal menu items (photo courtesy of Franky Joes’s FB Page)  are :




We started with the Chilli Mac N Cheese. I literally ate the whole cup it was just so delicious!




and then it was time to taste Chicken pasta Salad with honey mustard sauce



My favorite was Carolina Sub sandwich. The breaded chicken is just so delicious I could eat it on its own. For healthier option you can try Carolina Salad available at the permanent menu



There is also the Chichen Ranch Spud which I was too full to try it and I wanted to leave little space in my tummy to taste the hotdog




And the best was served at last! The Roller coaster and TNT hotdogs. I tasted the roller coaster was really really good. I couldn’t eat spicy food after all the food I ate that night!  TNT will have to try you another day!



The friendly staff at Franky Joe’s working hard




Thank you Franky Joe’s for the special invitation and wishing you all the best in your future plans.

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