First attempt on Aperture

I finally made the big convert to Mac *YEEY* !!  I couldn’t wait any longer to buy the new MacBook Pro Retina display. I was speechless when I first opened the MacBook and saw the Retina display so vibrant and full of colors ! I’m still in the phase of getting used to the operating system and apps.

Since Adobe haven’t upgraded Lightroom and Photoshop to the new Retina system I was advised to use Aperture. My first impression of Aperture is “Not Bad, Not bad at all”. But I don’t see myself processing dozen photos at once using Aperture as I used to work on Lightroom for basic fixes and enhancement. Let’s see I might change my mind after getting used to Aperture!


Sharing a sunset photo of the Chinese Fishing Nets at Fort Cochin, Kerala

(Click on photo for higher resolution)