Egypt – Um Al Donya –

Commonly known to all Arabs as Um AlDonya (mother of the world) is one of the oldest civilizations that is Egypt.


Khan AlKhalili market in Cairo
Khan AlKhalili market in Cairo


I visited Egypt last summer for the first time in my life. Some countries don’t need any introduction and Egypt is definitely one of them. I grew up highly influenced by Egyptian culture. Egyptian TV and cinema was and in a sense still is dominating the entertainment scene in the middle east. Egyptian dialect is familiar to our ears. In fact it actually unites Arabs.


I stayed in Sofitel Al Gizera waking up everyday to this amazing panoramic Nile view.


I really didn’t need any introduction or research specially since I have friends there who became my travel guides. It was a short trip but I did see plenty that makes me want to go back for more.

I spent couple of days in Cairo, toured the old Islamic city and attended the famous sufi Tanoora show.


Street food street food street food !

Egypt is one of the best places to go crazy on street food. Kushari, foul and taameya are some of the famous Egyptian street food you will find everywhere in Egypt. I loved Egyptian mango juice and also one of my favorite summer drinks is karkadeeh “hibiscus”.


One of the must stops in Cairo is Al Riffai Mosque. The last shah of Iran rests there.



I also really enjoyed visiting Al Shafie mosque  and nearby royal cemetery.


Then I went with a friend to Alexandria what a change of scenery that was!


Alexandria the bride of the Mediterranean sea is one of the most beautiful Arab cities I have ever visited. It was very crowded as it was Eid holiday and school break. But still it was so beautiful. Highlight of my Alexandria trip was visiting king Farouq’s old palace known as Almuntazah.


I love train stations so I had to try to historical Alexandria tram.


Stanley Bridge is one the most famous landmarks of Alexandria.


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