Chtaura شتوره

This is a late post of a brunch visit to Chtaura restaurant in Moda Mall. Chtaura Lebanese cold store is very old and famous in Bahrain. I was very happy to see the opening of Chtaura café in Moda Mall. We visited Chtaura as a big group and we ordered many of their famous Lebanese dishes.



We ordered fatteh, labneh, manaeesh, eggs with bastirma, foul, grilled halloumi and some pastries.




Fresh and organic


Halloumi cheese grilled to perfection


Fakhar eggs with bastirma


Complimentary sweets!


Our bill


The verdict

Location: Conveniently situated at Moda Mall with a separate entrance

Menu: Mediterranean

Atmosphere: Bright and fresh

Food Quality: Excellent

Food Presentation: Excellent

Portion Size: Generous

Favorite order: Eggs with bastema and halloumi cheese

Least Favorite order:  Nothing

Value for money: Good Service: Good

Will I go there again: Definitely


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