Brunch at Chai Cafe

I’ve started a mission. A very important mission. To find the best brunch spots in Bahrain!

Though we have many options in town but I always end up going to the same usual cafe for brunch. I thought of making a list to try out new or existing cafes that serve brunch. My good friend Reem Tawfiqi is helping me in this mission.

Our first destination was Chai Cafe located in Sanabis infront of Bahrain mall (Geant). I found the location easily and parking was ample.

We arrived around 10AM the place was already full !

I didn’t mind waiting since I was the first on the waiting list. The weather outside was horrible so we had to wait in the car. After around 30 minutes I received a call that we got our table.

We sat upstairs. I liked the big tanoor oven by the stairs but I forgot to snap a photo. The cafe is small and clustered. The decor is traditional Bahraini. It is just a matter of taste I’m a minimalist by nature with a claustrophobic vulnerability so I prefer to keep things simple and less crowded!

Anyway back to the food!

Mehyawa khubuz

Like most new cafes in Bahrain the type of food served for breakfast is typical Bahraini dishes. I have nothings against that I ate this food most of my life but I expect a bit of originality from the chefs. Many cafes offer the exact same dishes!

Anyway back to the food!


We ordered some traditional Bahraini dishes. The famous ones. Balaleet (sweet noddles with eggs on the top), Mehyawa khubuz, mix khubuz (stuffed with cheese, zaatar etc), eggs with tomato and cheese Roti with Oman chips.

Saffron Karak

I’m not a fan of karak (thick tea with milk) but I absolutely loved the saffron karak. It was really great.

Mix khubuz

Perfectly thin and crispy khubuz

On the left cheese Roti with Oman chips, Eggs with tomato and Balaleet

I liked the Balaleet I thought it was perfectly sweetened. I didn’t try the Eggs with tomato. Roti with chips was like any sandwich you can make at home in 30 seconds or less!

The bill was very reasonable BD 7.3


Location: Easy to find, easy access ample parking

Menu: Traditional Bahraini food with many options

Atmosphere: A bit dull, crowded and no privacy at all

Food Quality: Very good and fresh

Food Presentation: Nice (But not wow)

Portion Size: Generous

Favorite order: The khubuz (mix and meyhawa), saffron karak tea and the Balaleet

Least Favorite order: Roti with chips was not special

Value for money: Excellent

Service: Good

Will I go there again: I might but not in weekends or for takeaways only

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