Opps they did it again! Cafe Lilou’s new menu

In a night of pure indulgence we were invited for the introduction of Café Lilou’s new menu.

The new menu was elegantly presented to us in a custom party theme!

Cafe Lilou

In no time my taste buds exploded with the beautiful combination of dishes that were perfectly presented to us.

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Out of the salads we tasted I like the multi-grain salad topped with pistachio. I’m not sure what was the distinctive taste but there was definitely something special in its combination.

All of the breakfast menu items were delicious. I can come every morning and have my breakfast at Café Lilou. You can never go wrong there. I’m a fan of labneh so I will go for the eggs lebneh as a favorite early risers dish.

And then it got even better with the main menu items. The Kebeh bl laban was simply perfect, all well seasoned and moist. The shish Barak was out of this world the crust melts in the mouth. I have to be honest I didn’t try warq enab as I’m not a fan of it. The prawns and haloomi kunafa was not new to me.



Another main menu items dishes kept coming and coming but we were already getting full. I loved the buffalo prawns with blue cheese dip was a different combo.

Chicken musakhan was perfect. The chicken puff was really good too. I haven’t tried the macaroni dishes but they looked good.  I wanted to keep some space for desserts!


And then they came. We were all waiting for this part and it was the best part of the night. I liked the saffron cake it reminded me of a Bahraini cake called uqaily my mom used to bake it all the time.

I finally got to try the chocolate ball (bomb) after seeing all the photos in social media. It was nice but I didn’t think the taste was special or maybe we didn’t click. What clicked and is now an all time favorite is the chocolate french toast in the cup. I even don’t know how to describe it or what it’s called! It was French toast (I think!) with crunchy stuff and ice-cream on the top. It was really good I would go back just for that.

The ice-creams were great too. I love mistika flavor and the ice-cream is just perfecto. The girls were complementing the rose and pistachio ice-cream as well. I haven’t tried the kunafa.


Cafe Lilou chocolate


Chef Jihad never disappoints us with his creations. I can’t wait to go back to Café Lilou to try my favorite dishes.

Cafe Lilou chef Jihad

Thank you chef Jihad and Café Lilou for the wonderful night. Keep up the great work.


Cafe Lilou blogger

The new menu of Cafe Lilou is already being serviced at their Adliya and Aali mall branches. You can follow Café Lilou in Instagram @CafeLilou