Cafe Lilou menu De Noël

#BahrainBloggers were invited for a first taste of Cafe Lilou special Christmas menu ‘Menu De Noël’

Being a regular at Cafe Lilou I wouldn’t expect anything but perfection from the chef and I was right! Everything looked and tasted so good

The tables were decorated with adorable and delicious mini cheesecake balls dipped in Chocolates and hanged on golden trees





My mix berry juice ( Loved the Bokeh effect created by the shallow depth of field from my 40mm pancake lens )


The starters were

 { Soupe Hivernale } parsnip with ginger and coriander soup served with crusty bread

I’m not a big fan of soups but I just loved this soup it was so rich and creamy with a tingly hint from the ginger


Our tables were invaded by a selection of delicious salads some are available in the Christmas menu and some are chef favorites like Strawberry Halloumi Salad which will be re-introduced in the new menu

{ Quinoa Salad } Red Quinoa salad with Greek feta cheese, cucumbers, chives, avocado , cherry tomato and pomegranates


{ Salade Veillee } Grilled prawns, avocados, heart of palm, cherry tomato, pomegranate

This was my favorite salad the prawns were grilled to perfection and melt in mouth avocados


{ Saveurs de Minuit } quinoa and crab fritters with baby greens, shaved parmesan and tomato


{ Sanmon Tradition } seared salmon stuffed with shallots accompanied by delicious creamy risotto in horse-radish sauce



The risotto was so good you can eat it on its own


{ Dinde de Noel }  Oven roasted turkey with sage and onion stuffing served with sweet potato, pumpkin and topped with Cranberry sauce


{ Boeuf Bonne Annee } Grilled beef fillet mignon coated with red chilli, garlic, mint and roasted Christmas vegitables


{ Trio du Chef } A trio of Creme Brulee vanilla with delicate berry coulis Chocolate pudding and peanut ice cream


How adorable is the cute little snowman !


I couldn’t stop shooting him!


{ Toute Marron } Layers of feuilletine filled with Marron glace chocolate pate and creme brulee



Chef Jihad  chatting with us on what inspired him to create the specials


Christmas tree


Many Thanks to Cafe Lilou and Chef Jihad for the lovely invitation

Cafe Lilou’s mouthwatering Christmas menu will be available till 4th of Jan so hurry up !!

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