Book Review: Out of Egypt

Out of Egypt: A MemoirOut of Egypt: A Memoir by André Aciman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I started reading the book to get to know how Alexandria was like at its prime years. I was amazed by how modern life was back then. The story describes how the aristocrat foreign community lived so lavishly even if they didn’t have the money they had to have the servants, drivers and beach houses. Though I was impressed by the cosmopolitan society I was shocked how they hated and looked down at Arabs and anything related to Arabs! The first few chapters were slow up until the story got real when Andre described how his father met his deaf mother. I found the mother’s character very interesting and her struggle to communicate but also kept a normal lifestyle driving and even haggling with butchers a true Alexandrian as it was described. The complicated family is what made the story interesting. I can’t believe these people actually existed and lived together at one point! My favorite chapter was “Tuff Alnoor” when the war has just started.
As I reached the last few chapters I couldn’t put the book down. The mix of emotions, nostalgia and detailed description of Alexandria was just so beautiful it only made me want to go there again and revisit all the places mentioned at the book.

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