Blogging 101: Where do I start…

A lot of my friends wanted to start blogging but they never did .. why ?

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Lost Confused


Most probably they are lost .. not sure where to start .. or maybe intimidated by the technology mistakenly thinking that having a blog is high maintenance and only for the tech savvy ! You are wrong !

Starting a blog is simple and even made simpler with the many many maaaaany tutorials available online for example just google or search “How do I start a blog” and you will find millions of articles on google in addition to thousands of video tutorials on YouTube. But having a zillion search result could be also confusing and intimidating therefore I hope this blog post will be an easy and clear guide to starting a blog.

1- First things first: Picking a topic to blog about


  • Make blogging a challenge to something you are just learning or experimenting. Remember the Movie Julie and Julia?!  That movie has really motivated me to start blogging to document my passion for photography. In Julie’s case it was her passion for Mastering the art of French cooking. So there you go pick a topic you are passionate about and make your blog stand out.
  • Blog about something that you know and have a good amount of experience in it
  • Or just make it random. Blog about anything and everything here and there


2- Choosing a Blog host (WordPress or Blogger)

WordPress and Blogger are free blog hosting services both are good (don’t worry no bad decision here) but from my personal experience I prefer WordPress. With Blogger your blog address will be while with WordPress it will be  You can buy your domain through WordPress or Blogger to have an address like or .me (.com or .me is the most popular for blogs)

When I first started blogging I went with Blogger and after facing its limitations I then shifted my blog to WordPress (You can export your blog to WordPress without losing anything even the tags, comments and blog layout will not change).

WordPress offers more flexibility than Blogger. In Addition WordPress blogs look more professional and there is definitely room to grow. With WordPress you can take it even further and turn your blog into a website.

3- Choosing a Blog name. That is completely up to you and I can not help you with that sorry guys!

My tip is to choose something relevant to your content


3- Customizing the Blog

Now after you finished registering your blog you need to start building your blog layout. Don’t panic it is really easy (and its a one time thing). With WordPress you have ready themes to choose from free themes or you can buy themes from WordPress market if you don’t like the free ones.

You can customise the sidebar and footer by adding widgets. For example twitter feed, photos, apps like goodreads


4- Create a header for your blog.

Headers can be your blog logo, your photo, anything you want your readers to first see when they land to your page



5- Write your first post

Now you have your blog up and running so start blogging and impress us !


Remember: If you are stuck somewhere just google your question for example “How Do I insert a photo to my WordPress blog” and you will find many tutorials I recommend watching YouTube tutorials