Bahrain Bloggers night at Blaze Burgers

I was invited last week with some of Bahrain active Bloggers to try the new Ramadan menu of Blaze Burgers.

We spent the evening tasting delicious food from Blaze and getting to know how Blaze Burgers brand was developed.

Blaze Burgers is one of the most popular local businesses in Bahrain. Blaze is also a successful example of using social media for marketing and staying close to customers and getting their feedback through social networks.

What is special about Blaze is that they introduce a new limited burger and milkshake every month (usually served for a month only).  From Balaleet milkshake to Tikka Burger to Tiramisu milkshake we all anticipate and start guessing what Blaze has in store for us next !

Innovative, delicious and fresh that’s what makes us keep going to Blaze again and again.


(All of the photos were taken via iPhone 4S and edited with instagram)


Ramadan special



Date Rahash Milkshake



Cheese Bullets (Mushrooms or jalapeno)  They are so addictive !!



Bahrain Bloggers taking a photos of  “Best Burger in the World” to be introduced in Eid

Eid special burger patty “Best Burger in the World” is made from a complex and very fine blend of beef cuts.

This burger is simply delicious fresh and mouth-watering I can’t wait for Eid I can totally see myself addicted to it :)





We also were introduced to the new Blaze signature sauce to be available in the future.  We had the experience of comparing the sauce to other burger chains and without a doubt Blaze had the tastiest, freshest and lasting flavor you just want to dip everything to that sauce!



Ramadan special crunchy burger topping honey mustard or roasted garlic mayo



Rose strawberry milkshake this could compete with Balaleet milkshake as all time favorite. It is sooooooo delicious and refreshing!




And to end the night we had to try the desert of the month “Date Crumble”  The date melts in your mouth absolutely delicious. This was my favorite dish of the night absolute perfection.


Thanks to Blaze Burgers for the invitation. You can also read my fellow bloggers reviews under this hashtag in twitter #BahrainBloggers


Blaze twitter account @BlazeBurgers

Blaze is located in Adliya Block 338 behind Cocos restaurant