Arabian Sea – The daily fishing trip through my iPhone

“No artificial sea can be more beautiful than god’s own creation”  that’s how I described the beach in Kerala when I first laid my eyes on it. The sand is as so soft and warm as the locals reception to tourists! There was nothing fancy at this beach, everything was very basic but it was beautiful in its own way.

We visited the beach not to swim (even though I so wanted to !) but we went there to photograph the fishermen as they were coming back from their daily fishing trips in the village of Punnapra. Fishermen leave early morning to to get their catch and they come back at the afternoon time. We witnessed their arrival and the catch unloading plus the auction on the fish baskets at the beach!



What striked me the most was the community style of working among the villagers. There were some old people, children and women standing at the beach with their plastic bags helping the fishermen unload the catch. The fishermen distribute the extra fish to the old people and the children collect leftover fish. It was really refreshing to see how they all were helping each other and that’s something we miss seeing nowadays.


The sun was too harsh but it was a great experience which hopefully I will document in a video slideshow in the future like my previous one here. I documented the journey through my iPhone and shared it in Instagram. This is to follow my earlier post  Cochin through my iPhone.

Here is the summary of the daily fishing trip!


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