A walk at Manama old Souq with my iPhone

Finally the weather is perfect so its time to make most of it and hit the streets with morning photo walks.

Camera in one hand and iPhone on the other hand Yup that’s me!

I love shooting with my iPhone its quick, easy and smart. I also love sharing photos on Instagram and encouraging others to go out looking for beautiful moments to document them.

Manama Souq (Bab AlBahrain) photo walk brought back a lot of memories the smell of spices and fresh fruits from street vendors is a feeling I just can’t describe. Walking through the narrow streets and visiting the small shops and coffee places with old men sitting outside reminded me of what Bahrain used to look like before the urban development boom and malls.

Souq Stories

This photo was taken at a tiny Cassette shop (remember cassette tapes?!) This old man was very proud of his place and his collection of rare cassettes. He was particularly proud of his possession of Jamal AbdulNassir’s speech where he was assassinated (he has the shooting incident recorded on tape and he made us listen to it!). He also complained that none of kids have any interest in running the shop as they all have full-time jobs.


Those who are following me on instagram (@Rshrsho) have already seen these photos. Here is some of my favorite iPhone shots of the old Manama Souq.

All photos were taken with iPhone 4s and edited in different Apps mostly Camera+ and Pixlromantic


(Click on photos to enlarge)


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