973 flowers

We finally have a new online service available in Bahrain for online shopping of chocolates, gifts and flowers.


973flowers is a website that gathers medium to high-end florists, chocolatiers, bakeries and gift shops in Bahrain.


The whole process took only few minutes. I have to admit it took me more time to decide which flower bouquets to choose more than the whole ordering process. I really love lilies so I chose lilies on the wood from Fleur.


The bouquet arrived on the day and time I specified. It was matching the photos and description (I hate it when I order something and it looks so different from the original photo).


It was a pleasant experience, I’m definitely going to order again in the future. I do hope they add more vendors for more gift options.


One last note as I know some people are paranoid from online payments. The payment system used in 973flowers is benefit therefore it is very safe.




973flowers link.