2012 Highlights

Recapping the busy 2012




Fuzzy confused unproductive month



8/2 Was honored in IAA Social Media Awards as Media Industry Innovator

Social Media Awards 2012



7/3 Participated in Art Fest exhibition in Al A’ali mall


My photos at Art Fest


8/3 Andrea Bocelli concert in Bahrain

11/3 Travelled to Kerala, India for a photography workshop and expedition with the Travel Photographer

Cochin 094-2


28/3 Published my very first audio side-show Five Hundred Years Vedic School




19/4 First meeting for Bahrain Bloggers

23/4 My Istanbul girl photo was shortlisted in National Geographic AbuDhabi photography contest ‘Life in Motion’ from 80,445 entries



1/5 Moved to WordPress.org and Gave my blog a new look



8/6 Gave a presentation at Pecha Kucha event

16/6 Published my most popular video At the Madrasa



Ramadan snooze



18/8 Travelled to Zanzibar during Eid AlFitr

Zanzibar Eid girl



29/9 First newspaper interview for Bahrain Bloggers



5/10 Attended il Divo concert in Dubai <3

13/10 My blog first year anniversary

13/10 Scott Kelby worldwide photowalk

Bahraini Smile


24/10 Gave a presentation at the University of Bahrain on Documentary and street photography



3/11   Gave a presentation to Entrepreneurs on iPhoneography and using Social Media to promote businesses

17/11 Gave a presentation “Turn your passion into a career” at Young Arab Leaders Global Entrepreneurship Week

23/11 Travelled to Istanbul





9/12 Photographed the dress rehearsals of Russian Ballet. The first show at the new Bahrain National Theatre

15/12 Judged University of Bahrain students photography competition


Published Heya Beya audio side-show



The best thing about 2012 was getting to know a lot of people through social media. There are a lot of great people in the world and I’m very lucky to have met a bunch of them!

Have a fabulous new year and thank you for visiting my blog.


Much love <3