Jaws Corner Zanzibar (Video)

Located at the heart of Stone Town’s maze like alleyways you will find this small coffee corner where most of the elderly Zanzibari men meetup daily for coffee, chat and laughter!




I visited Zanzibar in August 2012 during Eid Alfiter holidays and I was amazed by the similarities of the Zanzibaris and Arabs. In fact I met a lot of people in Zanzibar who are Arabs or originally Arab (mostly from Oman or Yemen). Even though Zanzibar gained its independence since 1963 from Sultanate Oman but the Omani influence is still dominant. I couldn’t differentiate between Omanis and Zanzibaris even the attire looked exactly the same to me. Even though the official language in Zanzibar is Kiswahili but most Zanzibaris speak Arabic as Islam is the dominant religion in the Island.

I spoke to the men sitting at Jaws corner in Arabic and they were really delightful to chat with. They are the warmest and kindest people. When I asked them on their daily routine they said: ” We go to Jaws Corner we drink coffee then pray at the masjid and come back for more coffee we sit, chat, make fun of people passing by and we laugh! This is life in Zanzibar! “.



I made this video from still photos and I combined it with audio recorded at Jaws corner with a huge smile from me!

Ps. The coffee in Jaws Corner is really good so make sure to stop by Jaws corner if you plan to visit Zanzibar any time soon!




Jaws corner Zanzibar from Rasha Yousif on Vimeo.