Why did I vacation in Mauritania?

I’ve always been curious about Mauritania for the past couple of years. I really wanted to visit it but I wanted to go when the time was right. I decided to visit Mauritania on the first opportunity I got in 2018. It was a real dream that came true and it was sweeter than I have ever imagined. I traveled solo as I usually do when exploring a new territory. 

Why Mauritania?

  • It is one of the few Arab countries that I have not visited. I dream of visiting all Arab countries.
  • It used to be a historical center of education and studies in the region through the pilgrimage caravans.
  • Mauritania is known as the Country of a million poet.
  • It has beautiful Old Islamic cities. I’ve been particularly obsessed with old city of Chinguetti.
  • The Precious scripts inherited generation to generation.
  • The untouched Sahara stretching as long as the eyes can see.
  • The Traditional clothing and customs looked so photogenic.
  • Oasis after Oasis scattered in the middle of the desert.

Ultimately these were some of the main reasons why I chose to visit Mauritania. Even so after returning from that amazing trip I can say that all of these reasons were met. In fact I even got more than I expected from this trip in terms of photography and human connections. I felt safe even travelling as a solo woman and spent most of the time with the locals sharing stories over lots of sweet tea!


About traveling solo (as a female!)

I organized the trip with Chinguitty voyages a local travel agent in Nouakchott referred by friends. I never felt safer. My guide and driver were with me all the time (not that it was needed) but they were super protective and concerned with my comfort. People in Mauritania are really chilled and super friendly (specially in Chinguetti). Being an Arab myself made everyone treat me with extra hospitality and openness. I really enjoyed meeting so many people during this trip and maybe just maybe it will bring me back to explore more of Mauritania.