Tbilisi the city that loves you

As soon as I stepped foot in Tbilisi she (yes she’s a she) greeted me with her beautiful vibe and free WIFI public network “Tbilisi loves you”!

Old Tbilisi
Old Tbilisi

I’ve heard many people rave about their love for Tbilisi. I tried hard to resist the love trap but I just couldn’t! I just fell for Tbilisi. What’s not to love I mean they have delicious food, friendly people and good vibe.

Even though the city was packed with tourists but there is something special about it. The Georgians are so welcoming, I really felt at home. “East” meets “West” here and it can be noticed through the unique architectural designs of buildings. Everything in the city is amazing, so vivid and detailed. Photography wise it was perfect.

Old Tbilisi
Old Tbilisi

I spent 4 days in Tbilisi and I didn’t get bored not for one second. I found the streets very interesting. Locals were very friendly and didn’t mind being photographed. It is also very safe. I walked day and night easily and freely.

Cat lady Tbilisi
Cat lady in old Tbilisi

You photograph a random door and suddenly a head pops out and invites you in for a drink ! (I don’t drink alcohol so I really missed out on amazing cultural exchange opportunity).

Old cities speak to me and I like to listen. Old town is really authentic, rustic and real.

Old Tbilisi
Paint peeling from an old building


Where to stay

There are plenty of accommodation options from hostels to boutique and five-star hotels. But I found the perfect place for me. Rooms hotel Tbilisi was a real gem. Old town was only 20-30 walking distance.

I walked or used a taxi depending on my mood. Taxis are really cheap here.

Rooms Hotel Tbilisi
Rooms Hotel Tbilisi

Moreover I wouldn’t recommend anywhere except Rooms Hotel in Tbilisi. I’ve enjoyed my stay there and can’t imagine a more perfect place than this little gem.

P.s. I recommend getting a room facing the garden.

Georgian saints
Georgian saints


What to eat

Imeruli khachapuri
Imeruli khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread)

Another reason to love this city is the food. Here are some examples of famous Georgian dishes to try. Khachapuri (Cheese-filled bread aka Georgian Pizza) topped with a runny egg. Also Khinkali (dumplings) filled with your choice of meat or chicken. I had it with meat and loved it.

The best Georgian food I tried was at the restaurant behind “I Love Tbilisi” sign in Meidan square.


Must see

Rustaveli Avenue

It is Tbilisi’s main must-see destination for anyone staying in the city. It’s also the location of Rose Revolution Square, filled with shops, cafes, museums and vendors of all kinds. Rustaveli is home to a large number of governmental, public, cultural, and business buildings. For example the Parliament of Georgia, Kashveti Church, the Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Rustaveli State Academic Theater, the Rustaveli Museum, and the Georgian Academy of Sciences are all located on Rustaveli.


Old and new Tbilisi
Old and new

Old Tbilisi

Children playing in Old Tbilisi
Children playing in Old Town

This city has been destroyed and rebuilt some 29 times. It is home to two of the city’s oldest churches, and plays hosts to a smattering of synagogues and mosques.


A sign to a Mosque, Synagogue and Cathedral in Tbilisi
A sign to a Mosque, Synagogue and Cathedral


Al Jumaa mosque in Old Town is the oldest mosque in Georgia and definitely worth a visit.

Interiors of AlJuma mosque in Tbilisi
Interiors of AlJuma mosque

Sulphur baths

One of the most famous sites in Tbilisi is the natural sulphur spring baths in the old city Abanotubani.

Check the waterfall behind the sulphur baths and walk to the botanic Garden.


Mother Georgia

This status that symbolizes the Georgian national character in her left hand she holds a bowl of wine to greet those who come as friends, and in her right hand is a sword to protect the city from enemies.

Mother Georgia
Mother Georgia

There are more reasons to visit the capital of Georgia. It is a great option for travelers on a budget with plenty accommodation choices. I definitely want to go back and explore more of Georgia.

Tbilisi loves you
Tbilisi loves you

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