Sleeper Class (Video)

Sharing my first Audio Slideshow from my last India trip.

Sleeper class is the budget class in Indian Railways and described as ‘Best value for money’ class. It is not air-conditioned and mostly used by locals. I spent some time photographing Sleeper Class windows and waiting areas at Ajmer Railway Station in Rajasthan India.
The photographs were taken with Canon 60D, audio recorded with Sony recorder. The Rajasthani song was recorded in Pushkar.

Sleeper class from Rasha Yousif on Vimeo.

  • I loved it.. If only the slideshow was a little bit slower & the audio track had more ambient sound effects, like your previous videos.. It had a very distinctive and realistic touch.

    • Thanks for the comment. It’s hard to make the slides longer as it will be way above 4 minutes which will bore the viewer. I had way too many photos there maybe next time Will try to be more selective :) as for the audio I kept the beginning and ending as ambient sound I couldn’t keep the whole thing as it would have caused alot of noise. Always appreciate your constructive comments :)

  • Welcome back! Great slideshow. The image above is so emotive, and beautiful light, great capture.

    • Thanks Amy glad u liked it ! The photo is definitely one of my strongest images :) hope to see you soon xx