Analog Singapore travelling with 35mm film camera

I’m getting to love travelling with only an analog camera. There is always the pleasure of not having to return home carrying hundreds and maybe thousands of digital photos to go through. 35mm film camera and a number of rolls is all I had to worry about during my last trip to Singapore.

Singapore Street

I was in Singapore for a short trip but I managed to sneak out after my busy work schedule. I didn’t have much time but I had enough time to take few shots. My companion on this trip was my camera Canon AE1, Kodak ColorPlus and Kodak Ultra Max film rolls.

Just a short walk from my hotel

I stayed at the amazing Fullerton Hotel. The historical Fullerton hotel building used to be a post office. I loved every detail of the hotel. I arrived jet-lagged and drained. My room was not ready when I reached there so I went to the spa and enjoyed a perfect customized massage treatment.

Beautiful flower arrangement at the lobby of Fullerton hotel

Boat Quay

Not only the hotel was great but also the area around it was so lively. Boat Quay is just across the road. Museums and galleries are a short walk from the famous Cavenagh bridge.

Cavenagh Bridge one of the oldest bridges in Singapore
Cavenagh Bridge

Backside of Boat Quay

While I was wandering in the area I spotted the backside of the restaurants strip. I loved how the backside looked so industrial with all the A/Cs as far as the eye can see. Yet it was still colorful and had character with a backdrop of the new buildings to show some contrast of old and new.

Backside of Boat quay
A/C at the Backside of Boat quay
Backside of Boat quay
Backside of Boat quay

Orchard Street

After sunset I went to Orchid boulevard. The busiest shopping street in Singapore. I’ve never seen so many malls tucked side by side on one street.

Orchard street

Beside the obvious mall war. The street was so youthful and alive. I spent most of the night walking and enjoying live music performance. 

Orchard Street seems like the “It” place for youth


Streets of Singapore


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