Shaikh Isa bin Ali House

It was a quick unplanned visit to Shaikh Isa Bin Ali AlKhalifa house/museum in Muharraq

I felt really ashamed for not visiting the place before!

 Its breathtaking and just plain beautiful

© All Photos were taken using my iPhone 4s

Tickets is 200 fils only !

The most beautiful interior architecture I have ever seen 



The well 

حبيت النقشات

Natural Light <3

Before the invention of Air conditioning this was the cooling system !!

The kitchen

© All Photos were taken using my iPhone 4s

Highly recommended place for tourists and anyone interested in learning about Bahrain history and architecture. I think it needs more attention from the Ministry of Culture. Would love to see a small museum inside the house showing personal belongings and photos of Shaikh Isa bin Ali. A gift shop is also needed in such place. A tour guide must be present to explain each room, we didn’t know which is which until we saw the map at the entrance!

I loved this place it felt very Bahraini !