Saffron by Jena Muharraq

Saffron or زعفران cafe is the newest obsession in Bahrain. It is very unique cafe located in the very traditional old Souq AlQaisareya “سوق القيصريه” in Muharraq. I was so excited when I heard of the soft opening and couldn’t wait to go and try it! It’s already one of my favorite places in Bahrain! Lovely atmosphere, delicious food, and very lovely and welcoming owner Mrs Naris Qambar who always welcomes you to the cafe with a big smile as if she was welcoming you to her own home!



The nice thing about Saffron is that it’s located in a renovated old building at the souq. part of the old building is still existing and displayed in the cafe. They currently serve light snacks and breakfast tray consisting of traditional dishes with a twist!

It’s a place you want to go again and again!




Sharing my instagram photos from Saffron all taken with my iPhone :)


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Map to Saffron