Rice Bowl – Brunch review

At first I wasn’t sure how I would feel about having traditional breakfast at Rice Bowl restaurant. But then I was pleasantly surprised by the experience.

rice bowl city center

Rice Bowl started purely Asian and then they introduced a new menu that includes Mediterranean and Bahraini breakfast. We were three hungry girls so we ordered Um Fadi tray that includes eggs, labneh, humus, foul and falafel. We also added Saaj Qaimer with honey, samboosa, Mihyawa bread and balaleet. Everything was really good. The labneh was fresh, miyhawa bread was crispy and the balaleet was  perfectly sweetened.



tea rice bowl

Chai karak comes in a nice pot to share.

rice bowl 1

Some of the menu items.

rice bowl 2 bill

The verdict

Location: Conveniently situated at City Center Bahrain ground floor

Menu: Arab / Asian

Atmosphere: Beautiful décor by Amina Al Abasi

Food Quality: Excellent Food

Presentation: Excellent Portion Size: Generous

Favorite order: Everything

Least Favorite order:  Nothing

Value for money: Good

Service: Good

Will I go there again: Yes


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  • Ali

    Forgive me Rasha, but paying BD21 for breakfast/brunch is too expensive. If you take the Nawkhada and buy all the ingredients and cook them it’ll cost me less than BD1 or BD2 at most. Yes I do realise that the same can be said to other dishes at other restaurants, but I still don’t grasp the idea of myself being a Bahraini and going out to out a traditional, yet EXTREMELY expensive, Bahraini breakfast.

    On another note, I really like your reviews! Keep them coming!

    • rshrsho

      Hi Ali thanks for the comment. You are right it is a bit overpriced just like almost all cafes in Bahrain they exaggerate specially with breakfast items. I guess the reason would be because it is in a mall and it was actually full with waiting line. We were a group and we did order many dishes (usually it is two or three dishes). We didn’t have the Bahraini breakfast we tried the Lebanese one (Um Fadi) if you can bake saaj and make labneh that’s great but we don’t have tanoor hehe. Brunch is a nice experience specially for us corporate slaves we don’t get to enjoy it except the weekend.
      Thanks again and keep visiting my blog :)