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My name is Rasha Yousif. I’m a Bahraini documentary and travel photographer and a blogger. Capturing moving objects or vibrant colors are what keep my photos alive. I carefully choose my travel expeditions to showcase new cultural destinations through my lens. I produce multimedia stories, merging still photography with ambient sound and musical tracks. Coming from a purely Finance background, colors and creativity are what keep me going and every day is a battle between my left and right brain!

My blog is creative space to share bits and pieces of my work in addition to travel experiences and reviews.

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  • Brilliantly written!!! Every word you said about Bahrain is true…

    • Oh wow thank you for your lovely words! I was thinking of modifying the bio but after your comment I think I’ll just leave it as it is! Btw this is my personal blog here



  • Salasi

    Rasha, I am so proud of where your passion is leading you to. Do not relent – I see it in you! Seeing your images, and imagining the creativity flow of the person behind the lens, is in itself the defination of “art”! Love everything I have seen from you.

    • Thank you Salasi your words means alot ! I guess I can be a good travel photographer mate !

  • Dear Rasha,

    Thanks for visiting an imprint on my photoessay blog sreeniviews.wordpress.com. I loved visiting Bahrain. I have been there a few times when I was heading an education endeavour in MENA region. Reading your profile brought me all those memories back.

    Wishing you best in all your endeavours.


  • rshrsho, Thank you for following my blog.
    You capture a beautiful and a colorful world.
    Keep them coming!

    • Thank u for following and for commenting :)

  • MnMustafa

    Great Blog! Keep it up!

  • shamaal7

    Rasha, your photos are beautiful!!!

  • Amal

    “I believe there is a hidden Paris in Bahrain and my mission is to discover it and show it to the world!”
    I believe that too! Keep your mission going Girl!

  • You are a true photography lover like I told you.. and that works like magnet that attract like minded people :P All the best sister ;P

    • Athoob Thank u Merci Shukran ! Really appreciate the support specially from like minded photographers ;)