Pumping water with a smile!

She was around 7 years old pumping water manually in the streets of Cochin. The whole family including the grandfather were racing to fill their buckets with clean water from the water pump at the street. The thirsty city of Cochin suffers from water shortage which triggers many environmental and health problems. The mother of the girl said this problem has been going on for years and not resolved till this day, we have running water only for just couple of hours a day.

What I liked about this girl is how happy and proud she was helping the family pumping water with a huge smile ! :’)

  • A beautiful portrait, you indeed captured that smile of proudness. Would love to see the water pumping in action photo, or you are keeping it for a future project ;)

    • I do have a couple of shots when she’s pumping the water its not very sharp as she was working very fast mashallah! I do have a small project in mind and thanks for reminding me will work on it this weekend hopefully! Thanks for stopping by :)

  • I cant get enough from you shoots in cochin, Well done my dear.

    • Thank you ! Cochin is heaven for photographers ! Can’t wait to see your photos x