Planting Olive Trees in Palestine

My dear friends,

As some of you may know I will be going to Palestine (Yes PALESTINE!!) to participate in an Arab Youth exchange program organised by AlHayat center for civil Society Development. The program aims to spread awareness on the Arab Youth and Palestinian current affairs we will spend a couple of days in Amman and the rest of the week in Palestinian territories. The organizers of the program wanted to make a real physical initiative from participating countries toward poor Palestinian farmers so they came up with the idea of planting Olive trees in Palestinian farms. The cost of planting a single Olive tree is $ 5 and anyone can donate any amount they wish. Bahrain Blessed Tree Charity org will be collecting the donations and they will hand the donations to me to deliver it BY HAND to the Organization in Palestine. I will be there to document planting the trees and I will share all of the details once I’m back to Bahrain. Your cooperation is needed and hope you can spread the word and try to collect any amount you can from your circles. You can hand in the donations to me directly, you can contact me here or to the blessed tree Bahrain or you can donate online directly here

Objectives and importance of the project:

1) Increasing the green areas in Palestine as a way of environmental protection.

2) Supporting Palestinian citizens & institutions environmentally, socially, and economically.

3) Reviving forms of peaceful resistance which have deep impacts on  the policies of Occupation.

4) Creating moral awareness about the need of taking care of farms & the agricultural sector.

5) Supporting Palestinian farmers in order to continue their work despite many faced challenges, especially during the time before harvesting.

6) Mobilizing world opinion to advocate and pressure against the policy of converting Palestinian agricultural areas into land for Israeli use.

7) Encouraging the interest of other local and international parties in developing plans that support these vital activities in the community.

The campaign was launched on 10.03.2013 & will continue to five years.

More details related to the campaign’s goals, importance and mechanism which has been ongoing for four years now, and currently funded by the British charity FONSA, can be found on (click here).

jazakum allah khair :)

Presentation about the project (In Arabic) عرض تقديمي لحملة تشجير فلسطين