Opening box of Memories

Some of the stuff I found in my memory box!
Mostly from school days back in the 90s :p
My high school notebook!

 hehe no comment !
Remember Party of Five?!  Mathew Fox  <3
a card from primary school friend!
Spice girls & Backstreet boys phase !!
My sketching was really good !
I had a thing for wrestlers >> don’t judge !!
Sketching heart break kid Shawn Michael !
I wanted to be an architect !

But then I chose finance at college !
Classic !
My first glasses <3
Had pen pals !
My notebooks were really neat !
أشكر شعورج معلمه  :p
Sketching Mathew Fox <3
yaz3m wanted to be a writer !!

© All Photos were taken using my iPhone 4s