My Paris Gallery photos


Paris with its own charm and beauty changed my photographic eye and made me look at things differently through the viewfinder!


Sharing with my readers my Flickr Paris set in hope of visiting Paris soon to add more photos focusing on street photography this time :)


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  • Paris has it’s own charm indeed. Love how you view it from your own perspective, it’s so colourful and busy lovely city. Been twice in Paris for only street photography, I never had enough from it. When you are in Paris and leave it, part of you will stay there! Will stay close to your work Rasha.

    • Sami, I loved Paris and want to go back just for street photography. I wasn’t confident enough last year to do street photography but I’m now obsessed with it! Cochin was the best for street photography I can’t wait to go back to the west and the east! I just saw your work it’s impressive will keep an eye for you as well. Thanks for the lovely comment.